IBA Laborecká vrchovina

Laborecká vrchovina

Districts: Humenné, Medzilaborce, Snina, Stropkov, Svidník
Altitude: 160 m – 880 m
Area: 1077,36 km2


It is a diverse area with meadows and pastures alongside the rivers Laborec, Udava, Výrava, Oľka and Cirocha. The predominant vegetation is beech forest.

Area protection

IBA Laborecká vrchovina was designated a Special Protection Area (SPA) on September 17, 2009.
Other protected areas in the region of IBA Laborecká vrchovina: Protected Landscape Area Východné Karpaty (East Carpathians)


There can be found in the territory several breeding significant populations of forest raptors and owls (Red Kite (Milvus milvus), Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina), Ural Owl (Strix uralensis) and other species inhabiting beech forests and mountain meadows. It has a particular importance for birds, whose occurrence is bound to watercourses, including its riparian vegetation.

Qualifying species

Species Breeding population Criterion
Pop.min. Pop.max.
Black Stork – Ciconia nigra 21 25 C6
White Stork – Ciconia ciconia 33 47 C6
Red Kite – Milvus milvus 4 6 C6
Lesser Spotted Eagle – Aquila pomarina 38 42 C6
Hazel Grouse – Bonasa bonasia 550 750 C6
Corncrake – Crex crex 290 410 C6
Ural Owl – Strix uralensis 75 85 C6
European Nightjar – Caprimulgus europaeus 120 160 C6
Common Kingfisher – Alcedo atthis 35 45 C6
Grey-headed Woodpecker – Picus canus 150 200 C6
Black Woodpecker – Dryocopus martius 230 270 C6
White-backed Woodpecker – Dendrocopos leucotos 200 240 C6
Woodlark – Lullula arborea 70 90 C6
Barred Warbler – Sylvia nisoria 600 800 C6
Red-breasted Flycatcher – Ficedula parva 1800 2000 C6
Collared Flycatcher – Ficedula albicollis 3100 4900 C6
Red-backed Shrike – Lanius collurio 3000 4000 C6

Other important species

Honey Buzzard (Pernis apivorus), Common Quail (Coturnix coturnix), Turtle Dove (Streptopelia turtur), Wryneck (Jynx torquilla), Middle Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos medius), Sand Martin (Riparia riparia), Common Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus), Common Stonechat (Saxicola torquata), Spotted Flycatcher (Muscicapa striata), Great Grey Shrike (Lanius excubitor)

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