IBAs in Slovakia

In Slovakia have been identified 40 Important Bird Areas, of which 39 have been proposed to be designated a Special Protection Area. The one not included into the list of proposed SPAs is Important Bird Area Miloslavov. In present there is only one IBA that has not yet been designated a SPA – Important Bird Area Levočské vrchy Mts.

Four other areas not identified as IBAs were added to he list of proposed SPAs: Boheľovské  rybníky, Dolné Pohronie, Trnavské rybníky and Žitavský luh. Boheľovské and Trnavské rybníky fishponds were later removed.

The total area of all 40 IBAs is 13 840,85 km2, what makes 28,2% of the area of Slovakia. The size of the individual areas ranges from 0,45 km2 (IBA Dubnické štrkovisko) up to 1280,14 km2 (IBA Volovské vrchy), The average size of an IBA in Slovakia is 346,025 km2. The most prevailing habitat in Slovak IBAs is forest (64%), other significant type of habitat is farmland.

Map of Important Bird Areas in Slovakia