Birds of Danube

most important site for wintering of waterbirds in Slovakia

characteristics: Hrušovská zdrž water reservoir on the Danube River at the outskirts of Bratislava is the most important wintering place for some species of waterbirds in Central Europe. More than 115 species of birds were registered in this area. Beside thousands of wintering Tufted Ducks, Goldeneyes, Pochards or Mallards it is possible to spot some less usual species as Greater Scaup, Velvet Scoter, Long-tailed Duck or Red-breasted Merganser. Several Slovak rarities were found here as well – Dalmatian Pelican, Common Eider, Great Northern Loon. Danube and its surroundings provides good conditions for breeding and wintering of White-tailed Eagle. The majority of wintering species is from the North, one special is from the South – since 1995 instantly increasing wintering population of Pygmy Cormorant, now there are up to 700 individuals wintering every year.

other highlights (possible to include in to the trip itinerary): old park in Rusovce

protected areas visited: IBA (and SPA) Dunajské luhy

target species: all 5 Slovak species of grebes, thousands of geese, ducks (Anas sp., Mergus sp., Aythya sp., Bucephala clangula, Melanitta fusca), Pygmy Cormorant (Microcarbo pygmeus/Phalacrocorax pygmeus), White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus), waders during the migration season, gulls

Species present at this site depends on specific time during the wintering and migrating season – for exact information please check the checklist of birds of Slovakia.

Trip length: 1/2 day

Terrain difficulty: easy, terrain is flat

Starting and final point: Bratislava

Recommended term: November – April

Trip can be combined with Great Bustard trip.

Prices for guiding in English for 1 person:

1/2 day trip

140,-€ / 1 participant

70,-€ / 2 participants

60,-€ / 3 – 4 participants

50,-€ / 5 – 7 participants

40,-€ / 8 – 10 participants

35,-€ / 11 and more participants

Price for combined trip for 1 person:

160,-€ / 1 participant

80,-€ / 2 participants

70,-€ / 3 – 4 participants

60,-€ / 5 – 7 participants

50,-€ / 8 – 10 participants

40,-€ / 11 and more participants

Price includes: transportation, full guiding service, binoculars and bird identification guide rental

Price does NOT include: individual travel insurance

If you are interested in this trip, please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by email to or give us a call at +421 903 751 330. We can then discuss the date that suits your needs the best.

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