Birdwatching around Bratislava

Birds within reach from the capital – if being in Bratislava, having a few hours of free time and want to see something interesting.

The best of Birdwatching in Slovakia (and around)

This trip will bring us through many different biotopes, including the lowland areas around lake Neusiedler See, Pannonian and Zahorie, the Morava river basin, as well as the distinctive northern region of Orava and the Little Carpathians mountain range.

Owls and woodpeckers of Carpathian forests

Slovakia is a little country, but you can spot here all European species of woodpeckers or various owl species such as Ural, Tengmalm’s or Pygmy Owl.

Lowland wetlands of Eastern Slovakia – Waterbird paradise

It is the most important breeding and migrating site for waterbirds in Slovakia. Colonies of herons, beautiful oxbow lakes, vineyards, castle ruins, all this can be found here.

The taste of Eastern Slovakia

Visit exciting natural places, cultural and historical monuments including large wetlands, wooden churches of Eastern rite or typical Tokaj wine cellar.

Záhorie – the land of contrasts

Dynamic Morava River with its oxbow lakes, wet meadows and well preserved floodplain forests on one side. Dry oak and pine forests on sand on the other. Explore the land of contrasts.

Birds of prey of Slovakia – feathered kings of sky

We will visit lowland hunting grounds of Imperial Eagles, Saker Falcons, White-tailed Eagles and kites. Then we will move to mountainous regions in the northern Slovakia, which are a home of Peregrine Falcons, Golden and Lesser Spotted Eagles.

Wandering for Lesser Spotted Eagle and Black Stork

Mountainous region is a mosaic of preserved coniferous forests, bogs, wet meadows, pastures and small–scaled managed agricultural land. Discover the land where Lesser Spotted Eagle and Black Stork breed.

Hungarian puszta in spring

Explore the landscape that hides breeding sites of Pygmy Cormorant, Squacco Heron or Red-footed Falcon.

Common crane migration in Hortobágy National Park

Autumnal trip to Hortobágy in Hungary, where thousands of Common Cranes are making a stopover on their way south every year.